Truth and the Assassination of JFK

Sometimes the truth is hard to take. Other times it's just plain hard to find. Although I may not agree with everything at the sites I list, I believe there is truth to be found in each one. It is up to the reader to reach his or her own conclusions on the veracity of anything found at these sites. Most of the materials in the video and photo sections are my own.  Those which originated elsewhere are identified.  Documents have come from many sources.  Some of the material here is not directly related to the JFK assassination, but applies to other forms of government corruption.


There are certain things which show up in every version of the film I have studied, from the Warren Commission's 1964 still-frames to the MPI videotape version released in 1998, and these things are in the same places and of the same type in each version.  Some have changed over time and appear slightly differently in some versions.  Furthermore, additional items of the same type have been introduced into the MPI (video) version which could not have been present in any film version since they are outside the frame area of the film.  They were introduced into the "black" borders around the film frames as the video was being produced.

Everyone I have shown this evidence can see it quite easily.  Once these tricks are exposed, anyone can find them. This is not the only evidence of fakery that exists but it is probably the most easily understood by people who are not familiar with the physics of photography and more specifically the physics of motion picture photography.

I am no longer calling this "alteration" because there seems to be no good evidence suggesting that what is called "The Zapruder Film" was ever materially different than what is shown today nor is there good evidence that Mr. Zapruder was the maker of the film. In other words, this film almost certainly started out as a fake and has only undergone minor changes (which can certainly be called alterations) through the years. Mr. Zapruder could not even testify with any confidence that the film bearing his name was actually the film he made. See his testimony to the Warren Commission for greater understanding. When he indicated confusion about the images he was shown and about why certain objects appeared in the locations they did, there was an abrupt change in the course of his questioning (or portions of his testimony were deleted). His confusion was not resolved.

Another reason for avoiding calling these things "alterations" is that people sometimes get the wrong ideas in their heads when they hear that word and say things like "I think frames may be missing or there may have been editing, but I don't think the film was altered." Do these people realize what they're saying? If frames are missing and there was editing, then what is left if not an altered film? People who are normally intelligent have said many silly, illogical things on this issue.

What I know about this film and what I've found in it and its many versions goes far beyond what is at the link below. The rest is simply harder for most people to understand.

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These movies are playable on Macs and Windows PCs with either RealPlayer 8 (and later versions) or Quicktime 4, Quicktime 3 (and possibly even with Quicktime 2).  Use the proper player as appropriate for each file. If you don't have Quicktime, download it from Apple Computer or TUCOWS. If you don't have RealPlayer, download it from RealNetworks.


The following panoramas are from the viewpoints of several of the people who took movies in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.  They may not be perfect, but will still give an indication of what can be seen from each position.  (The footage for the Arnold panorama was not taken with a panorama in mind, thus it shows quite a bit of distortion.)


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