The Hoax of the Century
The Zapruder Film

There are many people who believe that the 8mm movie that Abraham Zapruder is alleged to have made of John F. Kennedy's assassination is a true representation of that event.  There are other people who just aren't sure.  They say that there isn't enough evidence of its fakery to convince them.  I often wonder how much evidence does it take?

What is known already about the film is enough to show that it is a hoax, a fake, a lie.  But I discovered something (which I will explain shortly) almost by accident in November of 1998 which should convince even the most skeptical, as long as they are willing to learn something they may not already know about.  It is something about which I gave a presentation in a college government class in June 1984.  Back then, it was something I figured I would have difficulty in explaining to my audience.  Not many people had ever heard of it, although it was abundant all around them.  I used a variety of media to get the message across - an opaque projector, a slide projector, a VCR, and photographs which I handed around the room.  To my astonishment, I was able to prove the existence of these things to the audience in very short order and I had its attention for the whole 60 to 90 minutes of the presentation.  It showed me that some people do really enjoy learning about things which they had not known before.

While my interest in the subject continued, I stopped watching for occurrences of these things because they were, and still are, so prevalent.  I knew they were all around, so I went on to other studies, almost forgetting about them.

Then, at the Lancer '98 conference while looking over some prints of various Z film frames, a colleague asked me if I saw what he said was a registration mark in one of the frames.  I saw something, but it wasn't a registration mark.  It was a letter "X".  To its left was a letter "E" and further to the left was a letter "S".  Within the next 10 seconds, I had found a dozen more occurrences of this subliminal embed.  Even with my previous experience detecting these embeds in television broadcasts, in theatrical movies, in magazine ads, in newspapers, in food products, on product packaging and elsewhere, I was stunned when I first found them in the Z film.  The more I looked, the more I found in every frame I examined.  I wasn't surprised that the embeds were there.  I was surprised that I hadn't thought to look for them before.  My thanks go to Phil Giuliano for helping to point me toward this discovery.

This is, in my opinion, quite firm proof that the film was altered.  I know that the public version of the film is a fake because I have seen a real film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Since I first spoke out about this, I have made contact with 5 other people who have seen the real film.  One of those people had contact with several others who had seen the film.  This proof is not something I went looking for to satisfy myself.  The proof which I am offering here is for those who have not had the great fortune to have seen the real film.  The very same embeds are in each (public) version of the film going back to the Warren Commission's still frames which were published as Commission Exhibits.  The embeds are nothing new, but the MPI version of the film which was released in 1998 has not only the same embeds as the earlier versions of the film, but also has new embeds added in what appears to most people as the "black" borders around the frames.  These borders are not completely black, though.  If one increases the brightness of the images, the word "SEX" can be seen quite easily in that "black" area, as well.  Some of the earlier embeds now appear differently.  But those have not changed shape or position.  They have changed color or tone.  Some have changed from a red tone to black.  It appears to me that this was done to hide some of the more blatant embeds and that the way this was done was to make them look like scratches or mold damage.  So, in at least two ways, the film was altered yet again for the MPI release.

I'm sure that this will be hard to believe and understand for many people, so I recommend reading any or all of the books written by Dr. Wilson Bryan Key on the subject of subliminal techniques.  Dr. Key explains this subject far better than I can do on a web page.  Some of his books are: Media Sexploitation; The Age of Manipulation : The Con in Confidence, the Sin in Sincere; The Clam Plate Orgy : And Other Subliminal Techniques for Manipulating Your Behavior; Subliminal Seduction : Ad Media's Manipulation of a Not So Innocent America. Anyone who wonders why these techniques are used will discover the many possible reasons in those books. For me to speculate on why they are in the Zapruder film would be of no great value. I prefer to simply state the facts and allow each person to arrive at his or her own opinions as to motives.

Here is an example of just one of the Z film frames upon which I have traced as many of the embeds as practical.  For the benefit of those people who have already misunderstood what is pictured here and those to come who may misunderstand, the embeds do NOT appear this clearly in the film and the embeds are not flashed on merely one frame here and there. As I said in the first sentence of this paragraph, I TRACED as many of the embeds I could find with a pencil to make them stand out. The embeds are in practically all, if not all, the frames of the film. In this example, the majority of the embeds are in the grass since the grass makes up most of the image, but there are also some along the side of the car.  Those are more difficult to see in this scan because of the dark color of the car.  There are also many in the shrubs along the concrete wall in the background.  Again, those are difficult to see in this scan because of the dark color of the shrubs.  You should be able to see them clearly in your own copies of the frames.  While looking at your copies, adjust the brightness and/or contrast on your computer monitor or television screen, if necessary, to see the embeds more clearly.

Here is one of the first frames in which an embed of the word "SEX" was drawn in as if it is only a series of depressions in the grass.  How likely do you think it was that the grass could spell the word "SEX"?

The Warren Commission version:

The MPI version:
Notice how Jean Hill appears two-headed at the far left, also.

Now, a blow-up of MPI's frame 312, first as it appears on the video and then with the embedded word outlined to help it stand out:

Look at your own copies of the Zapruder film or at the still frames which were printed in Life Magazine, Time Magazine or in the Warren Commission exhibits.  If you can find even one of these embeds in the copy you examine, is that not proof enough that the film is faked?  Or do you believe that all of these occurrences of the word "SEX" are just coincidence?

Copyright 1998, Scott Myers

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