The John F. Kennedy Assassination

There are many lies being told about what happened to President John Kennedy on 11/22/63.  Some are easily proven to be lies while others are more difficult.  On this page, I hope to be able to demonstrate at least some of the lies and dispel them.

Probably the most important piece of evidence in the case is the film allegedly made by Abraham Zapruder.  It is a very important piece of evidence even though it does not show what really happened.  Its importance comes from other things shown which are hidden.  Luckily, these things are not hidden so well that we can't see them.  We just have to look more closely than we have for years.

My studies of this case go back to the late 1960s and my studies of the film go back almost that long.  I know from first-hand observation of another film of the assassination that the "Zapruder" film is not real.  My observations have been corroborated by not only other people who have seen a similar, if not the same, film but also by people who were in Dealey Plaza watching the motorcade while the shots were being fired.

It is only within the last several months that I've been able to find proof of the fakery which can be understood by anyone, regardless of background.  What I'm saying is that you don't have to be a photographic expert to see the fakery.  What I'm about to show here is not all the proof I have, it's what I have ready for publication at this time.

Firstly, there is the discrepancy in the shadows in the "Zapruder" film.  The shadows near the end of the film do not coincide with the time of day on the date at which the film was supposedly made.  I have a time-lapse video showing the appearance of the shadow of a lamp post in the western part of Dealey Plaza.  This post is in the same location it was in at the time of the assassination.  Compare the angle the shadow makes in the "Zapruder" film with the angle it makes in my video.  You can easily see that the angle as shown in the "Zapruder" film corresponds to a time earlier than the assassination.  If the film was not made at 12:30PM on 11/22/63, then how can it show what happened to Kennedy?

The error of one day from the anniversary date in my video means that the actual time for the proper alignment of the sun is 15-30 seconds away from 12:30PM.  For this reason, I added 15-second intervals from 12:29 to 12:31 so that you can see that there is not a significant difference in the shadow angle.  The majority of the video is in 5-minute intervals from 11:46AM to 12:39PM.

Video file - RealVideo        Frame 414 from "Zapruder" film

Secondly, there are the subliminal embeds added throughout the film.  These are not just random occurrences but are methodically created by artists and put in all the "right" places and in the "right" ways (I put quotation marks on the word because I don't think it is right to do this at all).  They are not meant to attract attention.  They are meant to be recognized not consciously, but subconsciously. Remember this above all - the embedded words are not supposed to be easy to spot.  You may have to work on seeing them.  It will likely take some practice.  The best way to see them is to relax the eyes on a spot where the eyes are attracted.  Even though you will be attracted to look at a spot where an embed is placed, you will usually not know why you looked in that spot.  That will almost always be the location of an embedded word.

One example of an embedded word in the "Zapruder" film

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